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Why do people call a dating coach?

Lots of reasons. Some similar, some unique. Today I’m sharing real texts I’ve received over the past month on some reasons people seek help. If I make a comment, it’s in red. I have not edited any of these comments. Real, real, real!

What potential or new clients wrote me:

1. I believe in utilizing experts for the best outcome…..this will help me reach my objective of being in a committed long-term relationship. Smart. Totally agree.

2. I am pre interviewing dating agencies for my son Yes, this lady turned out to be quite lovely and her son is an artist, shy and adorable. He is now dating profusely and coming out of his shell. Thanks, Mom.

3. Just like in anything, you need to acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses. Dating is not something I'm good at, so I need training.

4. If you have some good points to make, this reforming workaholic will listen! I'm sure I can't be the first reforming workaholic you've been consulted by. Oh, one of my favorites to work with. Goal-oriented and listens. Had good results with this client—meaning a relationship. Yay!

5. I have read your articles and like your positive approach. Thanks. A negative approach will never, ever work.

6. I have not tried online dating yet after my divorce and several of my friends have had negative experiences with it. I would like help in navigating all the different sites and using proven successful techniques. Ok, good. Here’s what I need and tell every single client: Do NOT listen to your friends. They are not dating experts. And if they are still single or married, what do they know? Sorry, don’t mean to sound hard-core here, but this one really bugs me. Naysayers stay away.

7. Because I’m not having any luck on my own.

8. I don’t want to make mistakes in setting up an online account by using the wrong photos or not having an ineffective profile. I have never tried online dating before so I know you only get one chance to make a first impression So true.

9. I was a client of It's Just Lunch around 2004, and I met some interesting men. It took the work out of dating for me. I tried online dating recently, and it was not successful for me. I need help figuring this out. Yep, as the founder of It’s Just Lunch, I work the same way at 33000Dates----a super personal approach but with a much bigger pool of single candidates that I ever had at It’s Just Lunch.

10. It's time

11. I am 64. I have no idea how to create an effective profile and I have some concerns and fears about online dating that I would like to talk about. I really would like to meet someone though and this seems the way to do that. Good move. The 2020’s offer lots of options for your age group. Thank God it’s not the 1990’s---it was tough then!

12. Don’t want to waste time

13. To learn since it is a new thing for me - do it right since the beginning and not to lose good opportunities for silly mistakes

14. I’m retired at 51, and there are very few people out there my age in a similar situation. I can travel and do anything---and want someone to share. Oh, yes, there are people in your situation. We can find them.

15. I am a widow and haven’t a clue how dating works now. Also I’m used to people chasing me…..

16. I suck at this. I don’t vibe with anyone my age. Too much drama and I don’t know how to deal with it. Hmmm, we can figure this out. Probably wrong site or bad profile. (BTW, we did figure this out!!!)

17. Because I feel like I must be doing something wrong on my profiles. I get a lot of views but almost no responses Yes, it’s one of 4 things. Boring profile, poor photos, wrong site or ineffective messaging. Messaging must be fun!

18. I always think it is beneficial to consult with experts when you are in need of services that don’t align with your core strengths.

19. I got married very young. I was married 38 years and my husband passed away a little over 2 years ago. I recently realized I don’t want to be alone the rest of my life but I have no idea how to date in 2023! My adult children are very supportive and encouraging me to do this. You raised great kids!

20. I need a boost because I'm becoming convinced all the good ones between 55-65 yo are taken. Nope, see it happen every week!

21. Need some help with momentum, time management, how to best manage phone calls and the like.

22. I am obviously out of practice, since I have been married for the last 37 years Yes. That’s why I’m a firm believer in “off to the races” and in the first 2 weeks having you out on 4 dates. Get comfortable.

Oh wow, there were so many more. Maybe you fall into one of these categories. Maybe not.

But, the best thing to do is to set up a free 15-minute call with me---it will tell us is we are a good fit for each other and I can help. As my clients tell me, I am direct (graciously!) as I want you to have success. So, CLICK HERE and let’s get rocking and rolling with your love life!

Happy Dating,

Andrea McGinty Dating Consultant/Dating Coach Founder, It’s Just Lunch and Featured in People, NYT, WSJ, Today Show, CNN, Oprah and lots more 702-494-7344 (you can text me directly to set up a time for our call)


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