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Will this crazy online dating gimmick work? Well, the cat did just fine.

Ok, this cracked me up this morning. And we wonder why smug marrieds feel sorry for online daters?

This took me back to my It's Just Lunch days of yore----(I'm the Founder of It's Just Lunch and sold out to private equity a few years ago to focus on online dating and being a professional dating profile writer and professional online dating consultant).

So, in our New York It's Just Lunch office we had the star of Broadway's Cats in the late 90's early 2000's. When we had to describe him to a female client as he usually met his dates for an early drink before his nightly show, it was hysterical as he showed up on dates in full Cats regalia!

Were the woman daters mad? uh-uh. Why? He gave them a ticket to the show that night!

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