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Worst Things to Do on a First Date

Studies show that the first 15 minutes of a date are crucial---first impressions are made and rarely changed after this.

As a dating consultant for singles for over 25+ years, oh wow, the things I’ve heard done on first dates from intelligent people perplexes me. Sometimes I give them the benefit of the doubt---perhaps nerves? But others, no way!

So, here we go:

1. Boasting about their career/job Seems to be more of a male thing…remember you are on a date, not a job interview blowing your trumpet about career accomplishments.

2. Being Over/Under Dressed You are meeting for cocktails---a hoodie is not appropriate just as a formal dress with lots of jewels is not.

3. Going to the Movies Nope, save this for a 2nd or 3rd date. You need to talk!

4. Complain or rant about an ex, a friend, a colleague, children, anyone. If this is your first date, can you even imagine what this person will be like on Date 2? Keep in mind that this person most likely won’t become more positive over time!

5. Drink several alcoholic beverages the first hour Ohhhkkk, maybe you are nervous but slurring is not putting your best foot forward.

6. Talking about a diet, body image, or size Really? This just shows insecurity unless you are both athletes and get on a discussion about Keto.

7. Reach over and taste their entrée A few weeks ago, Melinda was out with a well-dressed, well-versed man who suddenly reached over and speared her asparagus with his (used) fork. Yes, she was taken aback at his lack of manners! You guessed, no Date 2.

8. Constantly looking at your phone

Etiquette these days it to either put the phone away---or tell your date your child may be calling and place the phone face down on the table on vibrate.

9. Be late You knew you had this date at 6pm---plan accordingly. It’s perceived as rude and not valuing the other person’s time.

Something to keep in mind: Many studies show that daters will be on their best behavior the first month or two when you begin dating. With so many fish in the sea, why put up with inconsiderate actions on the first date? When I’m working with clients doing coaching calls on a weekly basis, I’m constantly impressed with the quality of both men and women online---compared to 10 years ago!

Chalk it up to a good story to tell your friends and move on!

Love & Laughter,

Andrea McGinty

Dating Coach/Dating Counselor

Founder, 33000Dates

Featured on Oprah, People, Bloomberg, CNN, Today Show, NYT, WSJ and more

702-494-7344 (Just text me if you’d like to set up a free 15-minute chat to see if we are a good fit)

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