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5 Odd Online Dating Stories/Mishaps

5 Odd Online Dating Stories/Mishaps

You know the weirdest things about online dating? You can’t make these up---people really do these things. Or have mishaps. And they are intelligent well-educated people. Read on and keep a sense of humor here!

And, remember most people are like you and I---looking for a relationship and normal.

1. An Allergy

My client Analee went on a fun first date with Scott, a 55-year-old attorney in Scottsdale two weeks ago. On the second date, he invited her to his favorite sushi restaurant. The date was progressing nicely, and he ordered sake for them both, which both of them had never had. (They’d just had a glass of wine). Suddenly, he stopped in mid-sentence, went red in the face, couldn’t speak and made the universal signal for choking. Except he wasn’t choking.

Annalee is an ER doc and saw the signs of an allergic reaction---anaphylaxis---and asked him if he had an epi pen or allergies. He could barely respond so she stood up at the sushi bar and yelled: does anyone have an Epi pen? A teenage girl ran over with her pen and Annalee injected him. Yep, who knew he was allergic to sake??? He was fine after----though they left and went to a steakhouse.

He called her the next day to schedule another date----and said “Just think if this turns into a long-term romance, the story we will have”.

And thanked her profusely.

2. Profile includes Dating Horror Stories

Ok, working with Dan, a 53-year-old business man in NYC last week, we stumbled on a lovely woman—great photos, interesting profile and then boom.

She closed out her 4-paragraph profile with this: On my last 3 online dates, one took me to an exclusive restaurant then had the nerve to want to split the bill. I went to the restroom and left him with the check. So rude. The other two wouldn’t answer my in-depth questions about their ex’s---so if you’re not an open book and willing to pay on the date, don’t bother”.

Really, truly. Just what the heck is she thinking? Dan and I laughed a bit then moved on. Yes, she needs a coach!!!

3. Profile includes a disclaimer

What? Is this a legal document? A confidentiality agreement? An NDA? You are online, buddy!

So, as a dating coach working with Maria on Saturday, a funny, cute 49-year-old business exec, we chose and wrote a few men that seemed right up her alley. Then we stumbled on Tony, a 55-year-old architect who looked awesome until we hit these lines on his profile:

“You are not allowed by law to share my information. Do not print, copy or in any way use images of my photos, profile or any given information. This is unlawful and I will take action”. And it was in screaming caps.

Oh, boy. Tony sounds sue happy. What’s up with this? Run. Block.

4. The Drink Tim, 65, is a delightful, southern gentleman client I love working with from Texas.

While on a first date last week for drinks with Lana, a glass of wine showed up at the table for him. The cocktail waitress said it was sent over by a woman sitting at the bar. Both Tim and Lana turned for a look, and it was an old girlfriend of his still harboring feelings. With finesse, he gave her a little wave and handed the drink to Lana. Classy. The old girlfriend never bothered them again.

Yep, they have a 2nd date planned this week.

5. The Plate/Glass Connoisseur

I think this is funny…and since I like unique dinnerware, I wish I’d been on this date!

Saturday night Arianna, 63, in Palm Beach, Fl went on a first dinner date with Michael, 66. It was a lovely restaurant on the intracoastal and she commented on the gorgeous plates and unique wine goblets.

As they left the restaurant, the maître d’ handed Michael a large box. As he walked her to the car, he asked he to pop her trunk. She was a bit taken aback and he proceeded to put the box in her trunk and said “I’d like to see you again and I hope you enjoy these”.

And what was in the box? A set of four plates and goblets.

Wow, what a great date!

6 And, he brought his son. Ok, he couldn't find a babysitter and brought his 4-year-old on a date. Think there was a 2nd date as the little boy threw food and cried. Oh my.

So, the one thing I do know about dating: expect the unexpected. That doesn’t mean bad---or great, but it usually is interesting. And I love listening to these stories on a daily basis from my clients!

Much love and Happy dating,

Andrea McGinty Founder, It’s Just Lunch (sold) and


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