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Don't Make Online Dating Hard Work!

Don't Make Online Dating Hard Work

The two primary complaints I receive from a dating coach's perspective from the thousands of singles who have taken my Online Dating Quiz are these: Woman: This is exhausting and I'm discouraged Men: I'm not attracted to the women or they don't look their photos This is generally followed by the comments: I'm burnt out, Online dating does not work, The quality is not there. Going it alone...or just listening to your friends is a big time waster. Yes, you could go the route of a matchmaker--but generally with the explosion of online dating their pools of eligible singles has shrunk dramatically. And, they generally start at $5,000 to 10,000---and that's the low side. I sold It's Just Lunch (matchmaking service I founded in the 90's pre-internet dating) after building the company to 110 units worldwide---and primarily because I saw the immense advantage of online dating. But, a big but, only when done correctly.

So, what do my clients tell me? I'm sharing 3 recent testimonials clients wrote me----they made me so happy! Brad, 47, Palm Beach: Andrea coached me through the ins-and-outs of the site she chose for me and identified high potential matches. I met Mari on my 5th date working with Andrea. She made it fun, easy and really knew her stuff. Carrie, 64, NYC, widowed: I was widowed for 4 years before I got the nerve to call Andrea. I had a great marriage and pretty much thought my relationship days were over and was content with friends and family. Bit I wanted a travel partner. Nervous? You bet. But Andrea as a dating coach did everything for me---she wrote my profile, recommended a photographer in NYC and even got on the sites with me and guided me though her "90 second" rule when looking at a man's profile. She made me accountable each week and suddenly I was going on 2-3 dates per week. I'm dating Mark, a 62-year-old finance executive and we took our first trip together in March to Turkey. I could not have done this without her guidance. I've referred 3 friends to her. Also, Andrea is fun and funny while being direct and gracious. Amir, 56, Laguna Beach: I had a contentious divorce and was skeptical and probably was a pain in the butt the first month with Andrea. I own a large tech company and didn't want to waste time online. But once I started listening to her techniques, well, her strategies worked. I have been dating Lynnette for 4 months now and I'm happy Andrea saved me so much time and discouragement. She proved me wrong.

"So, what do you have to lose---except your single life"? Ready to Start? Let me write your dating profile, choose the right dating site/app for you and help you get terrific online dating photos posted! Why waste time---it's almost summer and in two weeks we'd having you out on quality dates. Get started today! Visit Our Site


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