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Looking for Love in 2021? 5 Tips for Successful Online Dating

Trying out online dating for the first time or frustrated by the experience?

Or heard the hype about January 3rd – Dating Sunday/Single’s Sunday? The day each year the highest volume of singles traditionally are online dating and sneaking peaks at each other?

Below are five online dating tips from me, Andrea McGinty, premier dating expert and founder of 33 Thousand Dates, a coaching platform designed to help millennial and Gen X women and men navigate online dating. In my 20+ years as a matchmaker, I have arranged over 33,000 dates, so it’s safe to say I know a thing or two about dating successfully!

Enlist Help

With over 104 million singles in America and 30 million dating online, your profile needs to stand out. A dating expert can help you craft a profile you’re proud of – and one that isn’t full of clichés like “long walks on the beach”. You hire professionals to help you work out, clean your house and cut your hair, so why not hire a dating pro to help reflect your individuality? At 33 Thousand Dates, for example, we take a personalized, proactive approach and handle the heavy lifting so that our clients can have all the fun.

Refresh Your Photos

Time to cull from the thousands of photos saved on your phone for five to 10 terrific shots. If your photos are more than a year old or low-resolution, consider scheduling a photoshoot with a friend or even a professional. Pose in natural light, ideally outdoors and show off your smile. Avoid selfies and sunglasses, and include at least one full body shot that conveys your interests, whether you’re hiking, doing a tree pose, or walking along the shore. For men, shirts on, unless it’s a great surf shot or you’re spiking a volleyball on the beach. Lastly, most photos should be solo. Including pets is warm and welcoming, but only a shot or two should include friends or family.

Be Proactive

Start with only one or two dating platforms. You can add more later, but you don’t want to be overwhelmed by all the “likes” you’ll receive! Once live, don’t wait for replies to bombard you. Set these aside and use the platform’s filters so you see the type of people you’re looking for – there’s no need to be shy about knowing what you want.

After coaching thousands of people and playing a part in 4,200 marriages, I’ve found that those with the highest level of dating success proactively work the system in person and online.

Arrange Video Chats

Set up short video chats/FaceTime calls to determine whether you’re willing to meet in real life. Keep conversations to 10 minutes – this is enough time to get a feel for personality, looks, mannerisms and more. Ask important questions early to ensure your values align, and remember, chemistry only comes in person!

Have Fun

Now it’s time for the good stuff! Arrange drinks, coffee or brunch al fresco – these are less pressure, more relaxed and don’t drag on. If you’re ready to leave, you can always say you have errands to run or evening plans. A coach can help with this part, too – 33 Thousand Dates offers expert advice on how to communicate and follow up on dates. Keep in mind, you’re seeing if you like the person enough to go on a second date, not marry them! And if it doesn’t go well, those millions of other singles are waiting to meet you!

Don’t continue to tread water. Take proactive steps now to date online with confidence.

For more tips and to learn more about enlisting the help of dating pros, visit and get started today on your way to better dating!


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