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Single at Thanksgiving? 5 Tips

It is hard to believe our long 2021 is coming to a close---along with the holiday season. As a dating coach, I speak to most clients weekly and there is zero reason to stress over dating, family and friends over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. It’s a long weekend---with lots of opportunity! (Tip #3)

So here we go:

1. Prepare for the Inquisition

Inevitably an aunt, cousin or friend will innocently ask about your love life. “Are you seeing anyone” is the number one questions during the holidays. A few good answers could include “Oh, yes, I’m dating a lot---I just haven’t met her yet” to “I’m so busy training for a triathlon---plan to think about dating soon” ---this shows you have a life! Followed by a “tell me what’s new and exciting in your life.” Do not get stuck explaining your dating strategies and throw the ball back into their court.

2. Boundaries!

Prepare yourself for these tasteless questions that could make you feel low by setting expectations for yourself. Your uncle asking too many questions? Switch your place on the sofa during appetizers. Move about and talk to everyone. Can you imagine asking your uncle how his marriage is going? It is the same thing!!

3. It’s one day----then you have Black Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Cyber Monday to look forward to!

Why? These are four of the biggest online dating days on the internet. YES! You will see all sorts of specials/discounts/promos from matchmaking services to dating apps/sites. And what does this mean for you as the accomplished online dater or a newbie to the dating game? OPPORTUNITY! Savings! Oh, my one time a year Cyber Dating Week kicks off today---with 20% off all my services. Sign up fast as it won’t last long. New to a dating coach---Click here for Questions to Ask.

Singles flock to these sites during the long weekend---an enjoyable time to have a glass of wine or craft beer, open the iPad and decide which site is for you. (Or ask me---that is what I do!).

4. No plans? Make plans!

I have a single client Kirsten in Chicago who made plans to hit the Christmas Markets in Germany---she has been on 4 dates with Jeff who is super impressed that she is traveling alone. Another client in Los Angeles texted an evite for a Friendsgiving to 40 of her nearest and dearest. What is cool about this? Last turkey day my client Michael went to a Friendsgiving solo in Boston (yes, I pushed him a tiny bit) and Liz and Michael have been dating ever since. Spoiler Alert: Since Liz does not read this, I suspect a shiny, tiny gift from Michael is forthcoming next week.

5. Be grateful and don’t focus on your singleness that day.

While I am not a fan of the tradition of going around the table telling all what you are thankful for, you may just want to think about this on T-day and make a few calls (or texts) to people you love who you have been out of touch with---it will make their day too.

Bonus Tip: Why wait until 2022 to jump on your love life? Now is a festive, fun time of the year and no better time to start down the road to a new adventure and relationship. Sign up HERE for the 20% Savings.

Happy early Thanksgiving!

Love, Andrea

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