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State of the Date - Part 2

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Based on a recent study of 1,419 online daters, all of whom are men and women aged 28-54, we heard some interesting things about online dating! And here’s the other thing, many married people just don’t get this stuff!

For example, most mornings I’m up walking my golden retriever, Luna, and I’m left with lots of time to chat. Since my married neighbors know that I coach people for dating and write dating online profiles, I get some interesting comments and questions. So, of course, I’ll tell them some dating statistics and watch them have their minds blown! Here's a follow-up to our State of the Date - Part 1.

Some Interesting Online Dating Statistics . . .

64% of men like dating women within 5-8 years of their own age. Only 18% said they’d prefer someone 10-20 years younger to date.

This is a total eye roll moment. My female friends in their 30’s and 40’s are like “No Way!”. The State of Date survey said that men want women with something in common. Similar life experiences, similar culture, similar memories. One 48-year-old man commented about his 28-year-old online date from “We both loved music. But the conversation stopped when I talked about Live Aid and Queen and she looked puzzled and asked if I’d watched the Taylor Swift Documentary. I said, "Yes, with my daughters." End of date!

32% of women prefer to date men 8-10 years younger than them.

Hmmm, why you might ask? Reasons given: I’m in great shape, Men age quicker and I don’t want to be a nurse, I’m young at heart and have lots of energy. I work out 5x a week! Younger men are more open minded. And, the list goes on...and on...and on!

Topics to stay away from based on these stats. You've been warned!

Past Relationships Men 79% Women 58%


Dieting/Body Image Men 86% Women 37%


Marriage Men 81% Women 45%


Politics Men 43% Women 27%

(this is a hot topic, especially right now)

I’m a big believer that your first meeting with your online date is nothing more than a little preview -- an opportunity to see if you want to go on a second date. Past relationships, well they’re in the past! Let’s go for the fun stuff! Sports you like, common values, travel, food.

Basically, everything that you love to do! Unless you both talked about keto diets on your online dating profile, leave diets out. Marriage? Again, let’s focus on whether YOU want a second date! Let’s just move one step at a time. Politics, well as you can see by the statistics, people are somewhat open here. But be careful because it must be civil, polite and in well-modulated tones.

This morning, a fellow (married) dog walker looked at me and said “Well, if I ever divorce my husband, it sounds like it’s pretty good out there.”

Let me tell you, hearing that comment at 6:15 am made my whole day!


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