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6 Tips for Summer Online Dating

With Memorial Day right around the corner, the dating apps and sites will be super busy. Why? Scientific studies have found that people are happier and more active in the summer months. Maybe we give Vitamin D a round of applause?

So, here’s my recommendations to make your summer dating skyrocket:

1. Lose the beard I feel like I’m walking on thin ice with this one. It’s hot out---let your face breathe. Plus, guys, it’s one of the top things women say to me as a dating coach: Please, no men with facial hair. Why? Sometimes it just looks sloppy and maybe we want to kiss you!

2. Take a self-defense class Ok, guys, if you’re mad at me for #1, here you go. Everyone should know self-defense and guess what? The classes are full of women (kind of like yoga!).

3. Update your photo and bio Get rid of that primary photo that’s been sitting on Bumble or Match forever. And that profile you’ve had for months/years? Adios! My client Melissa and I were looking at a potential great date for her yesterday on Hinge and the man said he couldn’t wait for quarantine to end. Ok, where has he been? Does he ever check this site he’s paying for?

4. Meet quickly or stop messaging During a coaching call yesterday with a client, there was a string of messages dating back to March, talking about basically the weather. OMG. Remember that Stanford study I talk about? It says from the time of your first message to your first date, no more than 5 days should have passed. Or, statistically there is zero chance of the in-person date ever occurring.

5. Refresh your wardrobe That doesn’t mean break the bank. A little retail therapy goes far and will boost your self-confidence. And while you are at it, have a friend snap a photo of you in that cute new sundress---and post it!

6. BONUS TIP: Have a strategy.

You have a strategy when you play golf. Tennis. Work. So, you’ve been on Bumble for 2 years. Ok, time to say goodbye and try a new site. And, you need to work the site. Nope, not full-time. How about a simple goal of 20 minutes 3-4 times each week---and no just looking. Set a goal. I must message 5 men/women. (Yes, ladies, men love when you reach out first). Hopping online and looking gets you….nothing. Write a message that is less than 4 sentences, unique, quirky and fun!

When they respond (and you like the response), invite them for a Friday drink or Saturday coffee. Be specific. No “let’s get together sometime”. It’s not too forward; we are all online to meet a great person so go for it!

Need help? You can always schedule that free 15-minute call with me. It’s what I do and what I love.

Happy dating,


Andrea and Luna (oh, if I hadn’t met my boyfriend online I bet I’d meet him walking Luna by the beach---!!!)

Founder, It’s Just Lunch (sold) and

Dating Counselor/Dating Coach

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