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Holiday Dating Dilemmas: 5 Dating Tips

It’s hard to believe how fast this year has gone and we are officially launching the holiday season over the next week—Thanksgiving, Hannukah, Kwanza and Christmas right around the corner. Lifetime and Hallmark movies with happy endings.

But, the hustle and bustle of the holidays can be happy for some, tough for others. A recent break up. A loss of a loved one. A lonely time for some. And of course, a happy time for others.

So, as a dating coach, my clients ask me---it this a good time of year to date?

Here we go:

1. December is a festive month to date. Why? Daters, in general are in a happy mood. Many take time off and have more flex time. Dates can swivel from the normal drinks or lunch date to walking through a Christmas market and attending holiday parties with your date.

2. December can be too busy to date! On the other hand, you may be inundated with family and friend obligations, travel, shopping and other things occupying your time and find you have not time to date. Don’t over commit---enjoy this time of year. So, there’s a bit of a yin/yang in #1 and #2! Do what feels best for you.

3. Gift Giving to a new boy/girlfriend. Yes or No? Yep, I get this question quite a bit starting right now. Only been on 2-3 dates? No gift. It’s pressure especially if the other person does not reciprocate in the same manner, then it’s just awkward. Over one month and at least 4-5 dates? Sure, but a small one. A thoughtful book is easy and appreciated. Over 2 months and it’s looking solid? Perhaps concert tickets—but do make sure the concert is in the next month. If it’s in 6 months---well, that’s a bit of pressure!


Remember---I mentioned this in my last article. Online dating explodes around December 26-January 3 with more online daters signing up. If you’d like a spot with me, book me now. I’ll start a waiting list for November-January in the next week as all my spots will be taken for memberships.

I only take a certain number of new clients each month---and it always fills up. Even if you join now and want to begin January 1, we can do that. It just guarantees you a space! Best way to book a 15-minute intro screening call to see if we are a good fit is to text me at 702-494-7344 to request a time. I’ll get back to you quickly. Include your name, age, and where you live. I’d love to help you with your love life---I do love what I do!!!

4. Meet the family. Well, depends on your family! And how long you’ve been dating. So, let’s say your families both live in the same geo area and you’ve been dating 3 months---sure, invite them over for a Christmas eve cocktail to meet the family. Just don’t make it a full-fledged Christmas Day with your family---too much, too soon! Ok, your families live far away. Go celebrate with your own family in the 2-3 month dating category. You two can celebrate the holidays before you leave. Travel and meeting families---pressure!!

5. Do attend as many holiday parties as you can! As I mentioned earlier—it’s a fun time of year. Even someone you dated earlier in the year (with no romantic interest!) who invites you to a party---GO! You never know who you may meet---it’s a wonderful time to increase your social network. In 25+ years of coaching singles, I can’t count the number of times love bloomed at a party. People you barely know invite you to a party—GO!

Happy Dating,

Andrea McGinty

Founder, It’s Just Lunch

Dating Counselor/Dating Consultant

Featured on Oprah, Today Show, CNN, People, WSJ, NYT and more


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